Anti-Malware Solution

Anti malware solutionsProtecting your business from the threat of malicious software and the potential loss of revenue that a security breach can cause is a key consideration of managing any IT network. Deploying a managed Anti-malware solution can help to reduce the immediate threat to the day to day operations of your business.

Ensuring all devices on your network are covered by an Anti-virus solution can be made easier by the deployment of a managed solution. CCC IT Solutions will work with your business to ensure the software is deployed across your network and updates are deployed in a timely fashion to ensure all clients have the latest virus signature database.

As partners with both ESET and Sophos, we can help with establishing the best value and most appropriate solution for your network.

Deployment of a solution such as Intercept X can help prevent users becoming a victim to a ransomware attack unwittingly. Ransomware attacks are becoming the number one method to attack an organisation - by encrypting your files and effectively holding them hostage until fee is paid. This proves incredibly disruptive to productivity not to mention stressful with the potential threat of loss of business critical data. Ransomware can be intercepted by the Antivirus solution deployed across your network, ensuring that any disruption is kept to a minimum.

Both Sophos and ESET can support Windows and MAC OS ensuring that any device on your network is protected. With the increase of mobile devices being used in the workplace, it is also important to ensure that protection of data on these devices ( Smartphones and tablets for example) is not forgotten. Products are available for both IoS and Android devices.

CCC IT Solutions can provide an audit of your network to help you establish any weaknesses in security that may not have been addressed, and work with you to provide a solution that suits your businesses needs.