Software Licensing

software licensingEnsuring your organisation is compliant with licensing is an important part of your IT requirements. CCC IT Solutions can help you to manage your licensing needs, whether you simply need a single Microsoft Office licence, or a full suite of licences to cover a brand new server installation.

On request a full software audit can be undertaken and upon analysis an audit document can be produced for your business, which contains any necessary recommendations to ensure you remain compliant with current licencing regulations for software you use in your organisation.

Our relationships with software vendors mean that we are able to source licensing from all the major software publishers with ease, and ensure you have the right software for the tasks performed in your business on a day to day basis. We are also able to help administrate existing licence agreements where necessary, and can assist with migration to different licensing methods such as subscription models when appropriate.

CCC IT Solutions can provide software licencing for your organisation, either at the same time as a new machine purchase or on a standalone basis as well as providing and installation and setup service.

CCC IT Solutions can provide pricing for charity licensing given the appropriate documentation to prove eligibility. This can ensure that your organisation receives the best value products to ensure compliance with licencing regulations.

As an alternative to an on premise server and the licensing regulations and restrictions that this can encompass, CCC IT Solutions can offer our My Cloud Desktop service which for a monthly cost includes the necessary Microsoft Licences for Microsoft Office Professional 2016. Software updates are managed in house by our experienced technicians, reducing the need to purchase a new set of licences, when Microsoft release new versions of software. To find out more click here.

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