Access Control Systems

Access Control systemsManaging access to your premises for employees, visitors and managers can be a headache. Access to sensitive areas, such as stock rooms, reprographic suites and management offices often requires control to monitor usage trends within your workplace.

In the event of a site evacuation, being able to provide an accurate list of who is on the premises can be vital to emergency services.

At CCC IT Solutions, we have partnered with Paxton and InVentry to provide best of breed access control systems for businesses looking to have a reliable, easily managed access control system.

Incorporating cutting edge technology, with the choice of centrally managed user console or CCC managed configurations, CCC IT solutions can provide you with a flexible system in accordance with your businesses requirements. You can choose from a range of fobs, cards or the latest biometric sensors to grant entry permission to those who need it and keep out those who do not - helping your human resource management to develop a clear picture of trends within your workplace, giving you the tools to increase and drive forward workplace efficiency. and provide simple to monitor time management control.

A site survey will be carried out for your Access Control Systems by our experienced installations engineers to determine your requirements. A proposal will then be formulated incorporating best value ethics as a standard practice to provide you with a comprehensive, competitive quote for fitting and commissioning.

In tandem with our CCTV system offering, your premises can be safe, secure and give you the functionality to monitor your business security autonomously every second of every day, with reports available for every employee level to provide concise data of staff placement at any given time.

Contact CCC IT Solutions today to arrange a site survey of your business and start the journey to enjoying the peace of mind that industry standard access control brings.