CCTV for Business

CCTV for businessThe Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) released in 2011 that the average Briton is seen 70 times per day whilst going about their daily lives.

Since that figure was released, CCTV for business has become more prevalent in the public and private domain. Camera deployments are increasing year on year to increase public safety, reducing the need for physical presence on the ground, and can help determine whether a law breach has occurred, and is considered an important asset to have in a post incident investigation.

The use of CCTV in and around commercial premises has grown hugely over the last decade. It can help deter theft, vandalism and improve security, so a good quality system can be looked at as a positive investment in your place of work. Deploying a high-resolution CCTV system as part of an overall workplace risk assessment can help keep your business, employees, and premises safe and secure, as well as providing a point of reference for any incidents or disputes.

CCC IT Solutions have a wealth of knowledge that enables us to specify and quote for your company’s CCTV requirements; we understand the challenges your business is facing.

Our experienced design team will come to site and perform a full site survey and advise you on the camera types, quantities and locations to fully secure your business entity. Our CCTV Systems can be specified to ensure recordings can be kept for the required length of time, with the use of Western Digital Purple surveillance hard drives installed in the supplied NVR. Western Digital Purple Surveillance edition drives are designed to be utilised in a 24/7 high definition system with support for 64 cameras.

Systems are fully installed and commissioned by our in-house engineering team, ensuring smooth and trouble free installation of your system.