Broadband for Business

BroadbandCCC IT Solutions are leading specialists in configuring and supplying bespoke broadband for business.

Rapid, reliable and cost conscious broadband is no longer a pipe dream for your company. Whether you need a cost effective line in for your business to successfully function day to day , or a dedicated high speed connection for premium connectivity and tech heavy applications,  CCC IT Solutions can provide you with competitive, bespoke packages based on your requirements. Our connectivity services are carefully sourced from UK service providers and associated products are located within our own data centre facilities in the UK.

We identify the connections available to your business, break down the costings, add what you require (such as content filtering) then provide you with a quote breakdown as a predictable, monthly cost.

Once we have identified your carrier options, we can then provide 3 tiers of broadband for business.

FAST - Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC)

  • Fast Speeds

FASTER - Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet (EoFTTC)

  • Symmetrical uncontended bandwidth
  • Burstable speed (when required)

FASTEST - Leased Line

  • Scalable speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps
  • Uncontended Bandwidth
  • Ultra-low latency

Choose from two levels of content filtering (depending on your preference for an on premise solution, or a hosted solution).

Whatever you look to get from your broadband, and whichever tier of broadband you choose, you will get the same professional service levels from CCC IT Solutions in- house team of configuration specialists.

Once service levels and contracts have been agreed, CCC IT Solutions will arrange for your preferred solution to be configured and installed into your business, at an agreed convenient time.

CCC IT Solutions will provide the necessary hardware (Router) and liaise with the carrier directly, keeping the customer informed at all times, and managing the project from planning to completion.

Contact us today to see what connectivity you can receive at your premises.