Wireless Network

Wireless NetworkThe days of unreliable slow WiFi are thankfully now behind us. Businesses can benefit from near “wire-speed” WiFi communication without the need for cables. The true Wireless Workplace is now a reality.

The MyWyFy Wireless Network solution (powered by Ruckus Networks) from CCC IT Solutions represents a major advancement in WiFi Technology, coupling the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 Wireless Standard with true cloud flexibility.

Wireless Network Installation - Design and Deployment

Ruckus Networks and BeamFlex+ allows the access points to be quickly and easily installed into a business wireless LAN. This also makes a MyWyFy wireless network very scalable as expansion of the network will not require future reconfiguration; simply decide where the access point needs to go and plug it in to your business wireless LAN network.


Ruckus for Business - Lower Cost of Ownership

The increased range and class leading sensitivity of the Ruckus Wireless Access Point means that overall fewer Access Points are required to cover the same area, whilst ensuring uninterrupted Wireless Communication for all users, no matter what tasks they are performing.

Ruckus Wireless Solutions - Investment Protection

With its greater range and performance, akin to Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac Wave 2 is allowing business wireless computer LAN’s to now become a primary communication medium.

MyWyFy Wireless Networks for business - key features:
  • Greater range and performance akin to Gigabit Ethernet
  • BeamFlex+ technology to actively avoid interference
  • Access points with extremely high density and data throughput capacity
  • Access points and controller can connect anywhere on your network
  • Zero handoff between access points – perfect for VoIP solutions
  • Scalable solutions allowing future expansion of networks at reduced cost

CCC IT Solutions are experts in wireless computer network installation and support organisations in Bournemouth, across Dorset, Hampshire and right across the South.