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Interactive Collaborative Working

All businesses have requirements for presentations, training or interactive collaborative working and technology now allows all those in a meeting room, or even remotely, to be fully and interactively involved.  From electronic whiteboards, interactive collaborative working solutions or training room technology, CCC IT Solutions can offer a huge range of systems to suit your requirements. …
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Remote IT Desktop Support

The productivity of any business can be seriously affected by even the simplest of IT problems.  Getting IT engineer support quickly is crucial to keep your business running smoothly and, in many cases, remote IT desktop support can be a fast and cost effective way to get the help you need. Remote IT desktop support…
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ESET Anti-virus Solution

The ESET NOD32 Anti-virus solution version 4.0 is a highly effective security solution designed to protect business computers from a wide range of malware and other threats. Using advanced ThreatSense® technology, The ESET NOD32 Anti-virus solution for business detects future threats pro-actively, minimising the window of vulnerability left open by traditional signature-based detection. Its low…
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Server Virtualisation for Business

Server virtualisation is the term applied to the separation of hardware resources into a logical break down rather than a physical breakdown and, therefore, creating the appearance of separate server entities within one actual server. This is not dissimilar to the partition of hard drives where a computer is tricked into thinking that one hard…
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