Monthly Archives: February 2013

Server Virtualisation for Business

Server virtualisation is the term applied to the separation of hardware resources into a logical break down rather than a physical breakdown and, therefore, creating the appearance of separate server entities within one actual server. This is not dissimilar to the partition of hard drives where a computer is tricked into thinking that one hard…
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Audio Visual Systems for Business

Audio visual systems for business continue to develop and at CCC IT Solutions we are constantly identifying the latest cutting edge technologies from leading manufacturers such as NEC, Toshiba, SMART and LifeSize® in order to offer your business a wide range of audio visual solutions. Once we understand your requirements, we will source the best…
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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing can open up endless possibilities for businesses able to join another a meeting, lecture or training session in any part of the world and at any time!  Video conferencing can be enjoyed as if in the same room with guest speakers able to join and present without leaving their own location. Video conferencing…
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