Video Conferencing

Video conferencing can open up endless possibilities for businesses able to join another a meeting, lecture or training session in any part of the world and at any time!  Video conferencing can be enjoyed as if in the same room with guest speakers able to join and present without leaving their own location.

Video conferencing can, therefore, open an infinite number of possibilities for businesses between fellow professionals around the world meaning you can meet more often and travel less.

Lifesize™ provides an affordable solution to high definition video conference systems, which operate over existing broadband connections, or ISDN and provide stunning, smoothly moving video, on standard HDTV’s.

With a sound understanding of video conferencing, and the underlying LAN / WAN and network security technologies CCC IT Solutions ensures your video conference system matches your expectations.

CCC IT Solutions can advise and recommend a wide range of solutions to suit your business including:

LifeSize® Passport™ is the most flexible, affordable, easy-to-use HD video communications system - ever.  LifeSize Passport is the first HD video system to deliver telepresence-quality and unmatched simplicity at a price point that enables broad deployment to every knowledge worker in your organisation.

With its compact form factor, LifeSize Passport is the first truly portable telepresence-quality system; Passport is so small, it fits in the palm of your hand!

LifeSize Express is the affordable, easy to use, high definition video communications system designed to bring people together, allowing you to do more, travel less and be present.

In today’s fast-moving, global economy, project teams, partners and colleagues are distributed around the world. But the telephone and email are not enough.

Frequent face to face meetings and meaningful dialogue are vital for success, but travel is expensive and time consuming. LifeSize Express brings people together by allowing them to interact successfully across distances. Seeing facial expressions, body language and gestures makes you feel truly connected and understood.

LifeSize designed video communications with absolute user simplicity in mind. Connect your PC to share multimedia or documents clearly.  High definition quality. Simplicity. Meaningful team connections. LifeSize Express is clearly how video communications is meant to be.