Interactive Collaborative Working

All businesses have requirements for presentations, training or interactive collaborative working and technology now allows all those in a meeting room, or even remotely, to be fully and interactively involved.  From electronic whiteboards, interactive collaborative working solutions or training room technology, CCC IT Solutions can offer a huge range of systems to suit your requirements.  We can provide technology from the leading manufacturers including SMART, Promethean, Hitachi, NEC and the following is a selection of the interactive collaborate working solutions available.

The Smart 685ix interactive whiteboard is an 87" widescreen interactive whiteboard for business that provides 20% more space than a standard board.

•    Virtually shadow and glare free
•    Superior image quality
•    Distortion free
•    Touch recognition
•    Network enabled
•    Filter free projector
•    Long-lasting lamp

The SMART Board 6052i is an Integrated Display system that provides a large-format interactive LCD display in one convenient package.

The SMART Board 6052i is an alternative to an interactive whiteboard and projector setup which, for smaller environments can be an advantage and yet it still allows versatile collaboration with all the benefits of LCD displays.  The SMART Board 6051i offers low power consumption, vibrant brightness and virtual immunity to image retention and screen burn.

Multi-touch and gesture recognition, in conjunction with Microsoft Windows 7®, are also features of the SMART 6052i interactive display and the system will work with the powerful SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software.

•    Aspect Ratio - 16:9
•    Contrast - 3000:1
•    Networkable - Yes
•    Resolution - 1080p
•    Size (Diagonal) - 52"
•    Speakers - Optional
•    Technology - LCD and DViT
•    TV Tuner - No
•    Unit Warranty - 2 Years RTB

The SMART Podium interactive pen displays provide the same functionality and capabilities of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard while facilitating ‘lecture-style’ delivery from anywhere in a room.

The product is extremely intuitive and easy to use and ideal for collaborative working.  The SMART Podium interactive pen display system simply needs connecting to a PC and projector, the user can then touch the screen with the pen to control computer applications, or write in digital ink, while the audience see the same image projected onto a large screen. They are ideal for larger rooms and auditoriums but are versatile training room technology for collaborative learning in any space.

•    Colour - Grey
•    Size (Diagonal) - 15"
•    Technology - Electromagnetic
•    Unit Warranty - Ed: 3Yr; Non-Ed: 2Yr RTB

Trolley solutions enable your interactive whiteboard to become a mobile presentation system that can be easily moved from one room to another and, therefore, enhancing the value of such an investment.