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CCC IT Solutions offer business IT services in Bournemouth, Ringwood, Christchurch, Poole, Southampton, Wimborne, New Milton and Lymington as well as other areas across Hampshire and Dorset.

CCC IT solutions own and operate our own cloud managed platform which allows us to provide businesses with a wide range of managed IT services including:

  • Hosted exchange emails.
  • Pro active server monitoring.
  • Managed anti-spam filtering.
  • Managed off-site backups.
  • IT Installations

Having our own cloud platform means that we can take full responsibility for the services we provide to our customers. It also allows us to support all elements of our services from end to end without the need to rely on third party’s.

As part of our IT services we can  provide a complete installation service covering hardware, software and communications. If you have any IT installation requirements then please contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with a free no obligation quote. We operate on a fixed cost basis therefore eliminating the risk of runaway costs that can occur with open ended pricing models.


Server Virtualisation for Business

Server virtualisation is the term applied to the separation of hardware resources into a logical break down rather than a physical breakdown and, therefore, creating the appearance of separate server entities within one actual server. This is not dissimilar to the partition of hard drives where a computer is tricked into thinking that one hard…
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Green IT for Business

Let us show you how to promote Green IT for Business by reducing and offsetting your carbon emissions ethically and credibly. At CCC IT Solutions we pride ourselves in the championing of ecologically sound IT solutions that not only reduce the energy requirements and carbon footprint within business organisations, but also improve the working experience…
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IT Leasing Agreements

Whilst investing in the latest IT infrastructure is becoming increasing essential for any business, finding a large capital sum can put pressure on your budget. IT Leasing agreements can help soften the impact of finding the necessary investment to keep you business running smoothly and efficiently.  CCC IT Solutions partner with the leading providers of…
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Network Security

Sadly many companies ignore both internal and external threats to their IT network until it is too late but CCC IT Solutions can identify such threats and offer affordable security protection. Built on the award-winning NOD32 anti-virus and anti-spyware engine, the ESET Smart Security solution stops most new threats pro-actively maximizing your defence. The CCC…
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