Network Security

Sadly many companies ignore both internal and external threats to their IT network until it is too late but CCC IT Solutions can identify such threats and offer affordable security protection.

Built on the award-winning NOD32 anti-virus and anti-spyware engine, the ESET Smart Security solution stops most new threats pro-actively maximizing your defence.

The CCC IT Solutions Managed Anti-Spam filter is designed to offer on average a 98% reduction in In-box Spam. This anti-spam solution can save your employees from time consuming sifting through emails and protect them from inappropriate material.

Ensuring you do not lose critical data could be the difference between staying in business or losing everything.  Our off site backup solutions are affordable and give business owners peace-of-mind.

If you business server goes down then this usually means your business grinds to a halt.  This is frustrating, potentially threatens your data and will stop your earning capacity.  Our Pro-Active Server Monitoring service continually watches the vital signs on your primary server and will highlight issues before they happen.

Ensure the safety of your staff and ensure productivity with pro-active monitoring of content being viewed on your network.   Our system means your network manager can see what web sites are being visited, by whom and on what system.  You can restrict access to inappropriate sites, manage when certain sites can be accessed, and control undesirable Internet activity, for example web shopping during work hours.

CCC IT Solutions provide network security services to businesses throughout Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire.