Smart Phone Security Software

From use of emails, buying products or paying bills, today’s smart phones are packed with sophisticated features that can be the potential target of a new breed of cybercrime.

However, new from ESET comes ESET Mobile Security that can give your business phone the protection it needs.

Using the award-winning heuristics engine with anti-spam and firewall system, ESET's  Smart Phone Security Software  provides real-time protection against known and emerging threats without reducing the performance of your device.

In addition, if your device is lost or stolen, ESET Mobile Security delivers an advanced anti-theft feature to help protect and recover information.

  • On-Access and On-Demand Scanning – Scan all files on your smart phone or from wireless connections (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc).
  • Intelligent Firewall – Enable monitoring of all incoming and outgoing communication based on a predefined set of rules to prevent unwanted breaches.
  • SMS/MMS Antispam – Select trustworthy contacts through customisable black or whitelists, or simply block unknown numbers.
  • Enhanced Security System – Delete private or sensitive information to prevent unauthorised access to data in case of loss or theft.
  • Remote Wipe – Delete all your data (including contacts and messages) on the phone with a single SMS, preventing it from falling into the wrong hands. The same text message can also delete any data stored on memory cards inserted in the device.
  • SIM Matching – Create a list of trusted SIM cards for each device. In case of an unauthorised SIM card insertion, users are automatically notified by a text message containing the IMSI and telephone number, so the perpetrators can be located.
  • Quarantine – Choose between deleting infiltrations right away, isolating them or restoring objects that the user determines to be safe.
  • Security Audit – Run thorough on-demand or scheduled checks of all vital phone functions, including battery level, Bluetooth connectivity, device visibility, free disk space, and running processes, then take immediate action if required.

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