Managed Anti-Spam filter

Our Managed Anti-Spam filter solution has been designed to offer on average a 98% reduction in Inbox Spam. Owned and managed by CCC IT Solutions, our anti-spam filtering cluster currently handles around 180,000 emails per week of which well over 80% are Spam. 

Incoming emails are checked for Virus' and prohibited attachment types (such as Exe) which can be used to carry Malware. Our redundant servers ensure that only clean mail is passed to your in-box.

In the unlikely event that a email is falsely trapped in MailCleaner a daily report lists all the emails which have been trapped for a specific user and provides a user friendly interface to "force" a message to your in-box.

CCC IT Solutions are also able to provide administrative access to your own MailCleaner interface to allow you to handle messages "on the fly", any spam messages are held on our servers for 30 days to ensure end users have enough time to check their spam reports.

An added bonus of the Managed Anti-Spam filtering service is its ability to store legitimate mail in the event of a mail server or connection outage on a customer site. This facility avoids messages being bounced to senders as undeliverable. In the event of an outage messages can be held or instantly redirected to another mail server, perhaps on another site, this action can be instigated manually or completely automatically.

CCC IT Solutions have designed the Managed Anti-Spam Filtering solution to be as cost effective as possible with services starting from £150 per annum.  CCC IT Solutions looks after anti-spam filtering for businesses in Bournemouth, across Dorset and Hampshire.