Green IT for Business

Let us show you how to promote Green IT for Business by reducing and offsetting your carbon emissions ethically and credibly.

At CCC IT Solutions we pride ourselves in the championing of ecologically sound IT solutions that not only reduce the energy requirements and carbon footprint within business organisations, but also improve the working experience for users.

CCC IT Solutions has initiated its own in-house “Big Switch-Off” scheme to consolidate our large power hungry in-house servers, into more efficient Virtual Servers running on more efficient hardware. This reduces heat, noise and our carbon footprint.

It is clear that human activity is causing the earth's climate to change and, therefore, it has become the responsibility of everyone, whether an individual or an organisation, to reduce the impact of our daily life on the planets delicate infrastructure.

However, our daily life means that we cannot completely eliminate our carbon footprint but we can offset what we do by investing in projects that help counter balance changes to the environment.

Carbon offsetting is all about counteracting harmful CO2 by supporting projects that either reduces emissions or that absorb harmful emissions.  Unavoidable carbon emissions therefore become CarbonZero.

You can see examples of some of these projects at

Offsetting your Carbon emissions is easy; CCC IT Solutions can calculate the estimated carbon emission impact of any purchase you make through us and then provide you with an optional payment for investment into a project of your choice.

This optional payment will be featured on your quotation and you can simply include this in your overall purchase.

After completing your transaction, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your offset, and attached to this will be an certificate which can be printed off, framed and then hung on the wall to show everyone that you have offset your carbon emissions.

Server virtualisation, low energy workstations and remote IT support are amongst the other means by which businesses can significantly reduce their energy costs and, of course, the impact of any IT infrastructure on the environment.

For more information on Green IT for Business, please contact CCC IT Solutions to discuss how we can help with energy efficiency within your business.