Multifunction Printing Solutions

Whether you are looking to improve capacity, reduce costs, improve efficiency or move to a paper-less office, we can offer professional, experienced advice and solutions from Canon, HP, Kyocera, eCopy and INVU.

CCC IT Solutions works in association with one of only 8 National Canon Elite Partners to deliver assurances of experienced consultancy and bespoke solutions in Canon multifunction printing solutions.

eCopy is a powerful, versatile and yet easy to use means of linking the capabilities of your paper and digital systems to seamlessly integrate business applications.  eCopy can transform full colour or black and white documents into electronic versions that can be then easily shared or distributed.

With the importance of providing ever better customer service, strict adherence to legal compliance and the need to implement environmentally sustainable working procedures; efficient document management is crucial to any business.  The Invu Document Management system enables the electronic storage of every order, receipt, invoice, fax, email, picture, diagram, and presentation, to protect your valuable business information assets!

The management of a fleet of printers or multifunction devices and monitoring their toner stocks, maintenance is a time consuming business if done properly.  3D Printview helps you to easily manage all your printer devices from one easy-to-use portal and both reduce cost as well as increasing productivity.

Being green used to be a buzzword but is now a necessity for any businesses to ensure that their working practices are both energy and waste efficient.  Reducing your company’s carbon footprint is, of course, a vital contribution to the impact on the environment but also critical to saving money too.

We offer a free consultation and audit of your printer, copier and multifunction device fleet and provide the advice necessary to help your business reduce costs, get greater efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

Contact us to ask about a free consultation and audit of your printing network.