Pro-Active Server Monitoring

CCC IT Solutions now offer complete peace of mind for Company Directors and IT Managers alike with our server Pro-Active server monitoring service.

Pro-Active server monitoring means we automatically measure health of your servers and critical systems reporting these vital statistics to our support centre where our engineers can react to critical changes in status. The objective of Pro-Active Server Monitoring is to ensure any system downtime is avoided or kept to an absolute minimum.

Depending on your IT support contract, our logistics team may dispatch an engineer straight to site when a problem is noticed and if onsite intervention is required. Where remote support is available our engineers may be able to fix the problem without you even noticing.

Our server performance monitoring service will monitor your system status including:

  • Event Logs
  • Temperature
  • Disk Space/Health
  • CPU and Memory Usage
  • Network Traffic
  • HDD Backup
  • Antivirus Status and updates

We can even provide a daily health report to a designated individual to assure you everything is working as it should be.

Added to our Modular support contracts, peace of mind is only a phone call away. CCC IT Solutions manages the Pro-Active Server Monitoring for organisations in Bournemouth, across Dorset, Hampshire and beyond.